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Women on the Way are so blessed and proud of all the successes and testimonies that we have received over the years.  The organization has over 15 years of experience and knows that the program works.  We continue to encourage the community and partners to continue giving, your participation makes a difference.  DONATIONS



I am Barbra, a grateful believer who struggles with Alcohol, meth and no self worth. There was no love of Jesus or mention of him in the home I grew up in or any practice of faith that I am aware of. I went to Catholic Church until my first communion. All I remember from that is being in confession saying the same prayers over and over and a punishing GOD. My entire childhood was spent with a knot in my stomach, always afraid, never wanting to go home unless MOM was there. My dad was not an alcoholic just a very angry man. He never spoke to me unless berating or belittling me or slapping me around. My brother always got the worst of the physical abuse. It was very difficult for me to witness it but too scared to do anything about it. My mom was a liquor distributor so we had a full blown bar in our family room. My parents were social drinkers. By the age of 10 I was drinking regularly and smoking cigarettes. Around this time I now know that God was calling me because I would go to church with friends, but I just could not accept the love of my Heavenly Father, when my earthly father hated me (I also hated him). 



♥I am a graduate of 2005 I used meth for 24 years without Women on the Way I could never have gotten clean. I am now working have my own home have my son and a relationship with my mother. I give my thanks to all at Women on the Way. My love for the program with alway be.
by: Natalie H.

I am very touched by this program. I learned about the program by the PIY tv show.Currently I am unemployed but I would like to pray and send some sort of donation.
by: Sandra C.

♥I thank God for Women on the Way on a daily basis. I am abundantly blessed and look foward to being able to share my testimony with the newcomers.
by: Ramona W.

This program is the best ever. The program gave me the skills to get my life straighted out. I couldn't have choosen a better place to aquire treatment. There was so much love there. They loved me until I loved myself. Thank you so much Barb and Diana I love you guys so much.
by: Caprice M.

I am a graduate of the Women of Faith Recovery Center which is now Women on the Way I want to let you know that Jesus led me to this home and because of that and because of the Love of Christ and the teachings of Liz Mann and Barbara Quintero along with other wonderful women this home saved my life. I now have 11 years and 9 months off of drugs and alcohol, and 2 months  off of cigarettes. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. I recommend this home to anyone that truly wants to be set free. I love you Liz and Barbara and all the women out there that is looking for Deliverance. Try Jesus.
by: Deborah R.